Friday, January 28, 2011

JumpRope Memoirs #2: Not even a plateau

What I had going on this week can't even be called a plateau. I worked out seriously once this week.  My yoga practice was even limited to yoga in my bed. Which most times it got me at least up and moving.  But I was real stagnant this week.  There seemed to be an overwhelming demand on my time this week. So much so, that I cut out just about everything that had anything to do with working my body.  It was a busy school week for me.  While I don't feel guilty, thankful for that, that I missed my workouts and ate like food was going out of style, I did realize that I however want that movement that comes with exercising. It's not that I see any results immediately when I'm working out, but the feeling is amazing. I didn't have that this week. And I actually feel heavy. I'm a size positive woman true enough, but I normally don't feel my weight and I felt it this week. So, while this was a week of just not doing anything productive across the board, it did at least remind me that I've got to keep moving. That I've got to keep pursuing my goals. It also showed me that I really don't have a plan.  I think about what I want, but I haven't committed the time to even put in writing the actions I need to take to get me there. So, that's my one thing to do for my body this weekend: Read, think of an action plan, put it on paper.  Not going to stress putting it in to action just yet. I need a foundation first, right? Meal planning back in effect Sunday.

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