Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Listening to Jill Scott Live In Paris...i heart her!

I really thought I was going to sleep in today... but I didn't. I couldn't actually.  Now, I'm waiting on my nail polish :Matte Grey Cement by Avon: to dry so I can be on with my doings for the day.  But yes, I thought I was going to sleep in. Had saw myself just in the bed lounging. But it wasn't to be. I woke up around 6:15 this a.m.  Nowhere to go today. I'm a teacher, it's a holiday today.  But between my financial musings of what I needed to do today, I paused and gave God thanks smiled and looked at the ceiling.  Read my feeds, searched some debt subjects, etc... until that seemed like it was overwhelming me.  I cooked breakfast: 2 egg whites and some grits... ate and seasoned my chicken so it could marinate for later... laid back down... no sleep.  So, around 10 something I realized it just wasn't meant to be. Yeah, took me that long.  My mind just wouldn't let me rest. Like I need to cook, make a budget, have a meeting, do some tossing out, make some posts today, exercise, do my hair and my mind was processing all those things like a scratched disc in my head this morning...

So, I'll address them in one post instead of making several:

Cooking: This week on my menu it's chicken: baked, barbecued, grilled with pasta, greens, and steamed vegetables. cereal, egg whites, oatmeal, tuna fish and water. I'm trying not to even do tea at home. It's hard. I won't lie.

I'm making two budgets today: Cut a definitely unnecessary expense this morning. One for February and half one for March.  Cause I need a budget. Have too much money that I've spent since november 2010 that I can't account for... so, I definitely have to change the system. Cause it's broke and it definitely needs to be fixed.

I have a sorority meeting today. I'm a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and one of my jobs is serving as the Undergraduate Advisor, so I'll adorn that hat later today.

Do some tossing out.  I'll be working in my ZEN room today. It's my creative room, where I write, scrapbook, exercise, shoot lol just create. But I have an excess of paper in there... During my productivity hour today I'll be working in there.

Make some posts today: I'm behind on my 31 day reset... and I'm okay with this because well I've learned that life intervenes always and I let it lol, so I want to get caught up on those at some point today... I read the assignments just didn't make time to do them.

Exercise:  I'll be doing Taebo, or yoga today... possibly both. My gym is closed today. It's a holiday.  Anyway this brings me to something else :21 day yoga challenge: and well it just hasn't been going. Day 2 was my best day. I spent the week trying to see whether my meditation time should be in the morning or in the evening.  Also, a lot of the videos were definitely not for beginner yogis... But alas I've not given up on practice, because it was fun and a learning experience. Will be hitting it this week and revisited some vids from last week as well. I laughed at myself often.

And my hair... well that'll be another post....


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