Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reset Day 22: Purge Negative People From Your Life

Exercise: Make a list of all the people in your life who bring you down. These are the people you know or hang out with who are major Debbie Downers, who complain all the time and have nothing but bad things to say about other people. They are the cynics and the snarks who have nothing better to do than talk about how much everything sucks – people, work, life in general. This list might include all the folks you ignore when they call, text or email you because, well, just the thought of interacting with them is depressing. Get my drift?

  • Friends - I have a limited few of these. Which thankfully they are a good crew.

  • Family members - You can't choose your family. lol. But I talk to the ones I want to and the rest I love them from a distance.

  • Current or ex-romantic partners - Not Applicable.

  • Co-workers or colleagues - I only interact with coworkers that have good attitudes or ones who keep the focus on the good of what's going on.  Why? Because I can get my own self down at work I don't need help.

  • Old high school or college buddies- Only have steady contact with one. She's... well she's her.

  • Facebook friends - Will begin going through this list. I have 1108 "friends" Probably 600 of them I don't know.

  • Twitter followers - Will be deleting followers on here as well and thinking about taking my account back to private.

I'm also becoming more aware of myself if I'm in that down mode, I try my best not to be around anyone for the sake of not ruining anyone else's mood. It works.

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