Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Have To Forget What You Knew...

Heard that this morning at church and it just says much about where I am on so many levels. Why?  Basically, I'm having to drop old ways and take on new ways new habits. I'm seeing people differently. Heeding those warnings in my mind. I'm learning how to cook, so I can eat better, so I can make better choices.  I'm seeing food differently, because I just ate before, now it's about the purpose of the foods, how am I going to feel.  I ate cabbage, cornbread, baked chicken and yams at church today... Had a lot of greens cause I need that green... but it wasn't a lot and I didn't feel like I had stuffed myself, nor was I feeling sluggish and now that's important to me. Making sure I get some protein, the right amount of carbs, sugar and salt.  I'm also taking a different approach with my finances. Getting excited about paying off debts, Learning how to manage, save and, actually putting in to practice some of the ideas running rampant in my head. You may wonder what this has to do with Faith, well it's believing that my dealings with people will be better, because they can be better.  It's believing that even in those months where it seems I have more month than money, it isn't always that way and my needs will always be taken care of. It's believing that I'm doing good for my temple for my body even if that scale isn't showing it. I'm expecting some glitches, but it's going to work out good.  But alas, I'm taking these things ONE DAY AT A TIME.

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