Monday, February 20, 2012

For the love of me...

I've been feeling some type of way about me and all my curviness lately.  Appreciative of my frame.  As much of there is of me, I enjoy it.  I get called fat, plump, fluffy, but's okay.  They are words. Only having as much power as I give them.

This post is more about this site Curvaceous Nation   I love it!  I love the self love the ladies have for themselves on there.  It's helped me to look more closely at myself and other plus size lovelies and just see the beauty that's there to see.

B Flyy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The more I do...

The more I do,
the better I feel.

I at least think it's supposed to go that way. But as of late, I'm been kinda tired. Lol. Between work, the gym, classes and trying to keep up relationships internal, external and spiritual I'm feeling busted.  We have so much changing in the school systems right now that has me a little on edge, but what will be will be.

Yesterday, I had a small reminder to keep writing in my gratitude journal.  It is so easy to forget all the blessings, the beautitudes that take place around us everyday. And I want to show my appreciation for God's grace, for the goodness of people, for my own mess-ups, the things that make me smile. So, that I can in turn smile more.

12 in 2012 goal update:
I opened an account with the credit union, i bought a new mattress, I've saved some money, I'm current on all bills, I designed a t-shirt for fun, made a pound cake from scratch, paid off a loan, joined Anytime Fitness, bought food to actually cook at home so I can curb eating out and eating in the school cafeteria. I'm starting to blog more and comment more on others blogs.