Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reset Day 14: The Perfect Day

I wake up at 5:00 and do yoga and then meditate and have my talk time with God. Afterwards I'm smiling to myself because my day is going to be full of energy and just wonderful. I turn on a Jill Scott and India arie mix and cook breakfast. Today I'm off- built in vacation time. I laugh at myself for not sleeping in. I don't have a set schedule today and I love that. I head to my gym and flirt a little before I preserve my sexy for 45 minutes. I make a list of what I want to do for my productivity hour when i return home and I set about doing it. I shower,I write poetry for fifteen minutes, scrapbook for 20 minutes, share and receive good news for 15 minutes, toss out excess papers for 10 minutes. Got to stay clutter free. I get back in the bed and look at the ceiling, pull out my iPad, read my feeds, then start reading a story I'd been reading until I decide I'm going to sleep for an hr or two. When I get up I dress and make sure I put on my Falsies mascara. I meet my friend at books a million where she and I peruse the aisles with no intent to purchase. No unnecessary purchases. Just love the ambiance. I ran into a student of mine and her parent and proceeded to love of her. My friend and I went to eat and I had cabbage. We talked about goals we had accomplished up to that point and it was great. It was dark when we parted, I went home showered with my lavender chamomile soap and then snuggled into my bed with an e-book until I fall asleep.

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