Saturday, April 23, 2011

Small challenges of conversation

There is a steady trend lately I've noticed in my conversations and observations with other people. Sometimes I

don't hear what they say to me, when it clashes with my own beliefs and values or my internal alarms. I became acutely aware of this Tuesday night when a girlfriend and I were out eating at McAlisters and we met two seasoned ladies.  Now the time had with them was great, I left feeling rested. Surprisingly.  But they were female ministers and pastors.  And just from my own beliefs about that particular issue whenever they would say something about it, my internal noise would drown them out.  Shameful, I know. But I've noticed it in reading blog posts by other people and talking to some of my friends about differentiating views or things that I "see" in other ways.  So, being aware of it, I need to work on it.  I expect people to value different things, to have their own way of life, and just because it clashes with mine doesn't necessarily mean I have to give them a mental side-eye. It just means that we're different in some ways and that in itself is part of the spice of life.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Accept it


Where do you find acceptance?
For your ideas? For the secret notions you have for who you really want to be? Or think you are? Who are the friends, family or co-workers who are most accepting of your true self? And how do they demonstrate their acceptance? What is different about how they treat you than other people?

I have a small circle of friends that I go to to bounce my ideas off of. As well as a select few of my family members. They show their acceptance by adding their input and talking me through whatever I mention to them.They are realistic with me. If I come to them with something that I haven't thought through they let me know and if it's something good, they push me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

That girl likes to plateau...

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I feel like him today. This whole week, the past two weeks even. I've been kinda floating. I'm all the way live until about 6 p.m. and then I want my bed. My training, my eating, my hobbies, my sorority life, er-thang seems to be taking a backseat to one thing, one daunting reality: I'm tired lol.


Writing: I did actually finish my poetry for the collaboration with my friend in February by the set deadline. I just didn't update here.

Yoga: More misses than hits lately. I haven't made it a habit. I've been getting up late every morning and just aimlessly soaking in the morning before I rush around for no other reason than to do so.

Meditation: I'm lazy but definitely needing to practice holding my thoughts under my captivity

Workouts: I'm getting in 5, 6 at the most now-a-days. Down 14 lbs. No meal planning has been in effect and I know that isn't going to last.

Financials: I'm still learning.

Post A Week 2011: I've missed two weeks. With no other reason than being preoccupied with something else.

Hair: I've started using KeraCare Naturals line and I like it. I still have my SheaMoisture products on the ready. lol And today is definitely feeling like a hair day.