Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reset Day 20: Plan Your Reset Project

Exercise: To complete this exercise, you will choose one specific area from your life map to make progress on within the next month. Of course, your reset project will be focused on one of these seven specific areas of your life:

  • Lifestyle

  • Work

  • Education

  • Finances

  • Health

  • Family

  • Relationships

How to Structure Your Reset Project

  • Brief description of the project: Finances-Better Budgeting Diva

  • Why the project was selected: This project will get me closer to my ideal life by giving me freedom with my money.

  • Goals: To budget and live by that budget. To get my emergency fund up and running.

  • Results: By having an emergency fund open with a deposit and automatic savings activated

  • Assistance/advice needed: I need diligence, determination and faith. I am also following some very helpful financial blogs. I also have The Total Money Makeover.

  • Obstacles: Unexpected expenses. Overspending.

  • Next steps: Monitor my spending to see what cuts I can make.

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