Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reset Day 6

In this post, I had to envision how I wanted the 7 core areas of my life to be. It was indeed a process. Hence the fact that I'm supposed to be on day 8 but such is life.  This brought out the force of my procrastination.  My tendency to put things off just until was very evident. Or it simply could be that these exercises are so detailed and in depth that its something that one has to really put "time" into. For one I have to be honest with myself while doing this for any true growth or change to come to fruition.  So, I'm taking my time so I can do it right.  I noticed with some of the areas I 'd come to, i'd stare at the white space on the page for a few minutes and my mind would run rampant and therefore I wouldn't write anything. I didn't know where to start, hadn't thought that deeply about the area and what i'm doing.  But i think my life map syncs in completely with my values and my mission statement and for that I'm extremely happy.

My map:

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