Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random #7: Me and my hair

As part of the Healthy Hair in 2011 challenge via Moptopmaven's Blogspot, I had a few things to do for the 1st. Get a trim, get my set of products and tools together. I'd actually told my students before going to break that I'd get my hair straightened.  That was a thought that kept me going through the press and curl that took place.  But I was actually nervous as it got closer to the day I was supposed to have it done. Just nerves. What if my curls didn't come back... what if I sweated it out before it could even be seen by my students.  Having it pressed was actually to serve two purposes: I'd get a trim and I'd keep my word to my students. Compliments were aplenty. Some even that garnered a side eye from me. Mind you I still worked out, knew it'd blow that press out the window, but that's part of the committment to myself.  Some even went as far as sounding offended because I wasn't planning on keeping the curls. As far as I'm concerned they served there purpose. However, I came to the conclusion that the sistah with twists, rocking that extra natural, natural is more me now that the coiffed girl lol... But I make the styles work. Heavy in pics, below...

Right now my hair is in flat twist which I put moisturizer on before doing, which for day 6 I'll wear it out and see how it goes.

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