Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reset Day 21: Ditch TV for 24 hours

Exercise: Need another reason to step away from the boob tube? Well, black women are probably the ones who are most affected by the negative aspects of watching TV, because as an ethnic/gender group, we watch more TV than any other group in the United States. Yes, as in more TV than the average of 5 hours a day! Which may be explain why too many of us are overweight and unhappy when we should be healthy and fulfilled. Let’s stop letting TV take away the time we could be spending on more productive pursuits.

This was like a cheat exercise. lol, since I already don't watch 5 hours of tv a week. Some weeks my tv doesn't come on at all.  I'm a reader, a web searcher. But for some reason on this day I was wanting to watch tv. Was actually going to clean, but didn't because I turn movies on for background noise sometimes.  I ended up ditching online time as well for this day unintentionally. To stave off any late night watching, I went out with a friend and her friends lol and had a blast.

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