Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Natural Hair: Big Twist Updo

Funny thing that this year I decided I wanted to try new hair styles as part of my Healthy Hair 2011 Challenge and just to give a spin on my tried and true twist that I LOVE to rock.  Well inspiration came from a lady named JenellyBean who has a great website Here with great hairstyle tutorials and a plethora of other information pertaining to natural hair health, products, etc. Yesterday while I was checking my feedler, This Big Two Strand Twist Updo Tutorial came and I just thought I needed to wash my hair and try it.

When I made it home from the gym, I washed my hair with KeraCare 1st lather Sulfate free shampoo

and the hydrating detangling shampoo and then used the Humecto Conditioner and put that under a plastic cap for 20 minutes or so. I put in the leave in and then proceded to style with the Creme Hairdress (trying something different on the twist- ends and hair been dry out in the winter cold) and I ended the night like this:

Which it's from this morning but you get the idea.  I then did my morning meditatio

n and prayed that regardless of how it came out I'd like it. Because I'm apprehensive with new styles.If, you're like me they don't always turn out the way you imagine in your mind and that can be a mood changer as far as how fly you might feel.  I did it and I love how it turned out and so did my coworkers and students liked the silver flower.  Which I find it surprising when people think i get my hair done by someone else. Nah, this all me boo, lol. Forgive the thrown together look of the pics.   So, this was definitely some motivation to keep trying to spice up the do.