Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reset Day 5

Values + Values in Action = Personal Mission Statement

After adding ranks and actions to my values I had to give myself a side eye. Doing the exercise made it real for me and show me how out of all the things I "say" I value it was hard to imagine what those things look like in action, because I wasn't doing it actively.  My mission statement is still sketchy. I'm sure I'll tweak it again as I feel the need to further reflect on my values.... and then again maybe not... sometimes that rough draft can be the best draft.

Whose That Lady...

I value authenticity in all areas of my life at whatever stage I am in, in my life. So, even as I am a broken ensemble right now, the pieces are coming together nicely for its intended purpose.  It is my desire to have a life led by God's will, that I be so in-tune with my inner self that I make decisions that are for the good of me and in order with my life purpose. I value learning, exploring new ideas, improving old ones, maintaining an honest self assessment of myself, laughing, smiling and sharing with others.  I have a deep love for good reads, awesome music, thought provoking prose and people's personal journeys.  I value achieving goals that I set for myself. I am a go-getta; I set a goal and make a realistic plan to get it done. I value beautiful, intense connections with family and friends. I therefore am choosing to make my whole self accessible to them but not at the sake of self.  I value my health and in knowing that it could be better in all aspects: emotional, mental, physical, nutritional, and spiritual I am doing what's necessary to make it so. I value doing work that I love. So, daily I strive to do the best that I can for those that need me. I value optimism in my surroundings so I'm filling my cup with it from conversations, blogs I subscribe to, the feel of my home when I enter and lounge about, to the places I frequent. It is my hope that in my life, I will inspire many people to pursue their dreams, to accomplish their goals, and to be their own before and after testimony.  Even when all these things  that I value aren't as I would like I'm reminded that everything is temporary and nothing is as complicated as I make it seem.

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