Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reset Day 17: Find a Good Therapist

Exercise: If you don’t yet have a therapist, find one. A good therapist will be someone you feel comfortable talking to. It also helps if their office is in close proximity to your home, work or school. It shouldn’t be a hassle for you to get there for your sessions and you certainly don’t need the additional stress.

It's going to take me a moment to actually get this done. Although I do like the idea, financially it's not an expense I want to create right now.  I have a degree in counseling so I do believe and know that there are great benefits to being able to go and without judgement let your mind go through spoken word. I've had counseling before, had to in order to be able to counsel others. I did do a search and I'll continue researching this as well as checking my insurance to see what or if anything can be covered and go from there.

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