Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reset Day 16


Today’s assignment requires you to reflect on your learning and share in your fellow participants’ progress over the past week. Being able to compare and contrast your experiences and offer encouragement to others can be extremely useful as you move forward in your personal development journey!


  • What was the most important thing you learned about yourself this week? That I really can be stuck in my mindset.  Hence the Day 11 activity. I also realized there are a lot of things that I love and hated thought about.  I also have some issues that I can work on.

  • What has been your favorite exercise so far? What did you like about it? My favorite exercise was the 100 things that make me happy. Wow that was so great.  It was hard to get the list going in the beginning... I got stuck at 25 then at 52.  Read some other people's list and realized that there were some things I loved but didn't think about the simple pleasures and then it just took off from there.

  • Which exercise did you struggle with the most and why? Writing the eulogy.  Because I have my issues with death and this activity was almost completely skipped.  Will probably remain the hated exercise for this Reset.

The other parts of this activity ask that I comment and connect with others.  Connected with someone new whose doing her Reset as well via twitter a day or so ago, but will reach out to more and headed to make comments now via Happy Black Woman now.


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