Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 11: eliminating limiting beliefs

The one i chose is the I'm not good enough belief. While I picked a belief on the 11th I didn't post it. Didn't journal it. Why? Because I didn't want to do the whole exercise. I didn't want to sit for 45 minutes and listen to someone talk to me. Crazy I know. But that was me. In my mind I was just turning over the belief. I'd been thinking of eliminating other beliefs but I'm going with the program on this one. So, after I've watched the videos or completed it, I'll come back and express my thoughts.

So, I barely made it through 2 videos with the guy whose voice lacked presence. And I realized that "I'm not good enough" is not a belief that I have about myself, so it's not relevant. I think I'm important, not because I do just great things or have this great life, but because I'm here, I'm important.  The last limiting belief was mistakes and failures are bad and a while back, a few years ago, this was true, but I'm not at this place anymore.  Because I've started to take on this whole No Regrets mind frame. Does that mean other people will agree with my actions, no, but it's a choice I made. So, whatever the outcome, it's a learning experience.

And guess what this Reset is all about being honest with one's self and that's what I'm choosing today definitely on this.  I can however think of some other things I could work on eliminating.

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