Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reset Day 4

Part 1: Am I Currently Living Out My Values?

  1. Having a relationship with God. 5

  2. Doing things I enjoy: work and leisure 8

  3. seeking growth and self- improvement when I need to. 7

  4. Pushing myself hard when the need is there. 3

  5. Really knowing the people in my inner circle. 6

  6. Having a job that i love, job security and Stability 7

  7. Taking care of my body : inner and outer 4

  8. Being around family and friends 8

  9. Treating people well 5

  10. Having positive energy around me this includes self talk, people and my environments 4


Part 2: What Do My Values Look Like in Action?

Decided not to post this part of my answer

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