Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reset Day 18: spice up your love life

Exercise: Today’s challenge has two options: one for those who already have a partner and one for those who are single and looking for a partner.

Option 1: If you already have a partner or spouse, do something out of the ordinary. Do something you used to do when you first met or do something you’ve never done before.

Option 2: If you want to find a romantic partner, you can approach someone you already like or find attractive and ask for their phone number or ask them out on a date. Or, you can sign up for an online dating service.

My love life is full of flirtatious banter but nothing heavy or consistent.  It could be due to where I live, the types of men I surround myself with, or just me in general. I haven't ever been the dating type. So, how do I plan to ever get married then? I feel like it'll flow whenever its time. I get lude approaches from men wanting to do me, guessing game approaches from men too afraid to pursue me... But now like officially I'm centered on me.... Trying to really wholeheartedly work on me so I can be ready, in the right place when he finds me. I want to be able to appreciate the love he will have for me.  I thought about creating an online profile, but my heart wasn't in it.  I started laughing when I thought about doing it.  I wonder how serious I would be, or how scared I might be that I'd get that one psycho out there that's been waiting for someone. *side eye*  So, the idea isn't completely dead, it just definitely isn't going down right now. In the meantime, I'm enjoying me time and friendship building time.

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