Saturday, March 5, 2011

Post a Week: Start Over

Start Over


The post topics for this week are not my faves. So, I'm going to use the topic from Here.  The seduction of starting over hits me ever so often.  I begin to feel stuck and trapped by monotony.  Last summer while out on break, I was contemplating moving to a new city. Not that I was ready to move, but the idea of starting over and meeting new people, experiencing new places and things was exciting.

The question:Is it time for you to start over in some way? If so, what’s the first step you can take today? And I think it is time for me to start over in some way, I just haven't figured out exactly what that thing is just yet. So, maybe that could be it lol, being more self aware. I have several areas of my life I could use an overhaul or jump start on. So, my first step to take tonight will be to make a sticky note lol, so I can make a list of those things tomorrow.

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