Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reset Day 31:Choose a Theme for 2011

Exercise: The final assignment for the challenge is to really look to the year ahead and think about what big picture theme you want to manifest most. We will do this in two parts.

Step 1:

Choose a theme word for the year ahead. What one word or phrase represents what you want to bring about in the next 12 months? (For example, my theme for 2010 was “The Year of Happy” where I made a personal commitment to myself to do everything that makes me happy and stop doing the things that don’t. And out of that theme, the Happy Black Woman blog was born!)

Step 2:

Choose a theme song for the coming year. Imagine what song you would want following you around during your daily journey to live your ideal life. It should be a song that brings about some kind of motivation or inspiration for you.

Oddly enough I did this, or called myself doing this at the end of 2010. Funny how perception and growth can change the outlook of so many things.

Theme: Love, Passion, Purpose

Theme Song(s):



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