Friday, March 11, 2011

Post A Week 2011: Topic #68

Name a book that changed your life. What influence did it have on your thoughts, attitudes, and actions?

I read often. I read for the appeal of the story.  Hmm, did this change my life?... I would say so based on the fact that I've returned to read it several times just to remind myself to keep going and to get the free flowing feeling. This is a book I like to read when I'm in a transition period; changing from one thing to something new or just feeling new, trying to establish new habits, routines or goals.  This book inspires me to dream bigger for myself, to not settle in any aspect of my life and try new things.  I usually go into an all out home cleansing phase when I read this book too.  Aside from the evolving love story, it hits on growth, stepping out on faith, being afraid, roadblocks we encounter when trying to better ourselves, the excitement of new relationships and the problems that come with it too. And I love it for that.

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