Wednesday, February 23, 2011

31 Day Reset: day 30


Today's exercise: Sit down today and make a list of 10 personal commitments that you would like to keep for the following year. Remember, these are serious promises that you are making to yourself in order to live your ideal life. You can make as few or as many as you want (I suggested 10 here for structure), but a list of more than 20 commitments probably becomes unrealistic and unwieldy.

For instance, one of the most powerful personal commitments that I made to myself this year was to distance myself from all the negative people in my life. It was a conscious process that I had to do for myself (and my own mental health) so that I could begin to cultivate a new way of thinking within my own mind and make more progress on my goals.

What are the kinds of personal commitments you can make to yourself that will completely transform the way you live your life not just in the year ahead, but in the years ahead? Watch this video if you need a bit of inspiration :)

My 10:

  1. Take risks even when I'm unsure of the outcome.

  2. Be open to love from others.

  3. Make time for getting healthy (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically)

  4. Take more action and less planning to start

  5. Be more financially responsible.

  6. Live with love, passion and purpose.

  7. Be committed to what I set out to do.

  8. Be more accepting of where I am and where others are in their lives.

  9. Make time daily to nurture me.

  10. Be open to new. ie, ideas, people, places, emotions, feelings

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  1. You go girl! Those are excellent goals, because they suggest taking action. Like the Nike slogan says, Just Do It! For many it is easier said than done. That is why it is a good idea to have a short list (as you suggested). A long list would be overwhelming. I think a reward system is good to use with such a list too. Like giving oneself a gold star next to the goal, especially once they mastered it. I hope you reward yourself in a special way when you accomplish each of your goals.

    Please read and leave commentary on my two latest blog posts

    ~Continued success sista.