Monday, February 21, 2011

The Power of Inspiration

Recently, I finally made it through 200 + posts on feedler.  I hadn't checked it, because I was busy, I was tired, I just was.  But I made it to this post You Don't Need Any More Advice and it made me stop, pause, copy and paste lol and create a word doc to keep with me.  The gist of it was to simply take action.

  • Stop reading books about it

  • Stop reading blogs about it

  • Stop talking about it

  • Stop thinking about it

  • Stop analyzing it

  • Stop asking people about it

And it got me moving, got my wheels spinning. And they have been spinning ever since; which is why I'm actually getting posts done today. lol. I'm loving the state of productivity right now. I needed this. I can think a dream into non-existence sometimes without provocation. Can think about it so much that I don't ever actually get started on it and well I had to lay that notion to the side. Return of the mojo and I love it!

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