Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In due time...

Funny thing. I planned to post yesterday. It didn't happen. Just like I've been meaning to finish my 31 day reset.  It didn't happen either.  Sometimes life intervenes and some times I'm just unproductive.  So, I'm doing it now while my students complete their morning activities. This post is an update more or less of what has been going on and what hasn't.

What sparked this bubbling inside of me was a mildly upsetting occurrence with my sorority sisters. I won't go into that. Whatever the case was it was apparently necessary to remind me of what my motto has become for my life.  And I wasn't doing that. I wasn't living that motto. I was about to back down to some foolishness. Which most people who know me, know that's not me. I don't mind necessary confrontation.  But after thinking about my motto: live a life with love, purpose and passion, I nipped that other situation in the bud. I don't like people trying to tamper with my joy.  That's just foul. lol.

Anyway, that led to this other discovery that one of my guy friends we have a beautiful friendship. The love shared there is heavy.  Sigh. Now why would this even be important?  Because we take love: the capacity of it, the ability to share it, the power to accept it: for granted.  And he shows me my ability to willingly give it without expectation.  And as we texted, I could only smile as he engaged me in my randonmess.

The writing collabo project I've actually gotten one poem out for it.  And another poem for something completely different.  And I have til the end of February. I'll get it done.  My creativity is starting to flow again and I'm letting it escape as it wishes.

My yoga practice has been adjusted to a 3 day thing and not an everyday thing.  I'm commitment phobic.  Committing to everyday seemed a bit much as was apparently too much for my schedule at the time. So, the 21 day yoga challenge, was a fail in the sense of practicing everyday, but a success in getting me in to me more.  Making me more in tuned to my body, my breath, and I'll take that.

So, the picture means  that there are changes ahead as I learn me more, as I do me more, as I love me more. And I'm all for it. I think the hardest problem I have is just getting started, but I'm ready.

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