Sunday, January 8, 2012

S O C Sunday: Believing in your own greatness
My mind has been "distracted" with the ways of how I hinder my own "greatness".  How I sabotage my own weight loss efforts when I become afraid of the what ifs, the how will I be perceived and such. How I'm inconsistent with my bible reading. How I don't always share great ideas with my coworkers because I don't want the side-eye from other teachers because I'll give the eye back lol.  How I doubt my own ability to be smart enough to be in a doctoral program, yet I am. And it comes down to the fear of being better than the me I am now, when truly I know I could use some work.

So, the aha I had this morning was this:  The desire to achieve greatness has to outweigh the fear of the unknown.

Because I workout for me, I don't workout for others.  I can't change one thought that anyway else has about me anyway. It's their choice. I've started a daily reading plan to help with the bible reading. I find great ideas that need to be shared and I've decided to share them with teachers that want them and look over the rest.  When I hold back I accept being mediocre in my profession.  And to that last part, I'm in the doc program, so I have what it takes, and that's all that matters.

that's my dump...

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  1. Great attitude! We can truly be too hard on ourselves sometimes, glad to see you're changing that :)

  2. Love this: "So, the aha I had this morning was this: The desire to achieve greatness has to outweigh the fear of the unknown."

    That is what I need to accept, as well.

    Found you through SOS.

  3. "The desire to achieve greatness has to outweigh the fear of the unknown." I LOVE this. There are so many things you stated in the post that I could say about myself. I am so glad to know I am not alone.

    1. I'm glad that you know you're not alone. Also, it's good to know I'm not alone either.

  4. That's an awesome dump. It's fear of the unknown but sometimes I think it's the fear of setting high expectations for ourselves and then not living up to them. I love to see you turn your attitude around!

    1. That is indeed a fear: not living up to my own expectations. But I'm working on that too.