Monday, January 23, 2012

Making it all fit..

What's going on with me lately?

I'm back in school. Working on a doctorate. My mind just seriously wrapped around the extent of what I'm pursuing over this past weekend.

I'm actively working towards my list of 12 goals and trying to stay sane in the meantime.  One of my goals is to be an active blogger this year.  Meaning I need to post more and comment more to other bloggers. I read many blogs and most times I don't leave feedback.  I'm going to fix that though.

Me, who doesn't ever date, may be entering into that realm real soon. It's scary, so I hope it's worth the dive. I have two gym memberships now.  I joined Anytime fitness over the weekend as well.  To go with my best friend as we pursue healthier living.  The gym I attend now, I'm still there because I enjoy the circuit workouts but I needed more options.

I'm a teacher by day, a student by night and an artist and creativist lol in between time these days. So, I'm just trying to make it all fit.

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