Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go- Gettin', Goal Setting Sister


12 in 2012
Utilize my resources to improve my overall health.
Complete a 5K run.
Invest more of me in my teaching.
Purchase a new bed and new mattresses.
Open an account at centric credit union.
update my vision board to focus on my 12 goals
Design my own T-shirt just for fun.
Pay off a loan and two cc's.
Be intentional with my finances(live within my means)
Be an active blogger.
Pray without ceasing(live with the intent to do good)
Read for understanding - the new testament (part or all. I know I can get lax) 
This is my list of goals that I'm pursuing this year to be better.  I've grouped up my sister circle as well to get their own.  This is more so to encourage and uplift one another as we do things that get us closer to the lives we envision.  When I made my list I also made plans for each goal so that each had a purpose and was tied to something. Looking at my list again however I feel as though I should go and be more specific in my planning for at least two of them and more definite in the passion and purpose for each of them. 
What are you working on this year? 

Next step( goal 1) : I'm doing the 21 day Yoga Journal challenge for beginners. I'm on day 2.

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