Friday, December 24, 2010

Random #2: Declutter : Action

For the past 4 days, I was on a mission to declutter my space. It started I think after I read some blogs about yoga and then some blogs about minimalism. I am not a minimalist by any means. I'm researching yoga, because I want to integrate it into my life as part of my meditation time, my prayer time, my God time.

I'm not even sure how I came across the subject of minimalism... not the art style, the lifestyle.  But I liked the idea of only having things I use, cutting down my consumption and also getting rid of things that I don't use, wear, etc.

It could have also started with me re-reading the book "Better Than" by Leslie Esdaile. Which is about a woman doing an overhaul on herself before the new year and it inspires me into action whenever I read it.  Whatever the case is, something struck a chord and got me moving.

So what did I do in the process of 4 days or 3 and 1/2 days:  Change the furniture around in each room to change the flow of energy and it feels welcoming.  I boxed clothes and shoes from my closets and dressers to be given away. I bagged teddy bears to be given away. Sorted through my paper books and kept only the ones that I know I'll read again because I've probably already read them twice or more. I have a bin of books that I'll either be giving away or selling( do i really want to bother with that?)  I went through a bin of paper and had started the file of miscellaneous and important papers. I've tossed so much in the trash, so many things to be shredded. 

What I learned in the process was that I was attached to many of those things for various reasons. Not wanting to get rid of a suit because it belonged to my grandmother. It wasn't even that I could fit the thing, because I couldn't and still can't. It's just the fact that it was hers. The paper trail, I couldn't even remember what was in where if that tells you anything.  When, I began to go through the books, it was more the attachment of "it's a book, you don't get rid of a book". Craziness, I know. Keeping cards because someone sent it to me or gave it to me, some without a personalized message. But I'd packed these things up from my college apt and moved them to my real world apartment for no reason whatsoever.  

I haven't finished completely due to holiday travel. But I'm on the move, so I plan to get it done.  In the upcoming week I plan to do several things: finish that project, search for my year coming motto, start my at home yoga/meditation sessions, start a Healthy Hair in 2011 challenge with this Flyy Sistah here ,read feeds, read period and just enjoy being. 

So to all, Happy Holidays.  Take Care and Be Safe.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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