Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Distracted Driving

I know some people say driving clears their head... well it must clear mine too much...

The past two days... I've swerved on to the curb caught up in something else.  This morning it happened on my way to work. I was going for lotion out of my purse and I don't know why I must have thought I was parked because I clearly took my hands off the wheel.  Thankfully, God takes care of fools too, because I didn't bang anything up nor did I blow out a tire! Rubbed up against the tire though.  Little wear and tear.

No texting and driving.  Better yet, no cellphone looking and driving. It'll have to wait until I'm parked. The phone I have now is just too large for all that jazz.

I did realize however I'd been doing a lot of scenario and play it out type thinking while I've been in the car-- plainly daydreaming.  And while that's cool, I was so unaware in between stop lights, because I was so into my own head.

So, my lesson... I can multi-task, just not while I'm driving.

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