Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love Always, Routine

My Dearest Self, I know you seemingly think that by switching things up that you no longer have a connection with me, that you are no longer susceptible to the charms that I somehow add to your life. But if you really believed that you wouldn't be writing this post.

Love Always, Routine.

This week marked the end of my summer break.  It's time to go back to the grind. To my working life. I'm a teacher. I teacher Kindergarten children from August to May with joy and gladness.  But my break this time just seemed so short.  I did so much.  But it felt absolutely divine not having to be anywhere unless I so chose to.  And therein lies my dilemma now.  I've been trying to establish a routine.  Yes! And even that is a dilemma. Why? Well, I've unprogrammed that go to bed early get up early go to work, go to the gym, go home and cycle it bug.  Now, I'm so caught up in enjoying, that that just doesn't fit me anymore.  But it's almost like when August hit, my mind began to immediately seek that way of doing things.  It hasn't worked.  I've been staying up late reading, creating, shuffling, etc and getting up early and then groaning my way into wakefulness.  I envision how I want my mornings to jumpstart and how I want my day to go, but putting it into practice without getting stuck in a routine keeps me on pause.

So, what do you do to have order but not be confined to that order?


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